Security services

Our security and guarding services cover comprehensively fire and rescue services, guarding and access control services with strong experience which is unique in Finland. In the center of our operations lies continuous development and we perceive learning as a foundation of our ironclad expertise. Our globally extensive cooperation network and smooth communication with authorities enable the management of big entities and make us successful. We create solutions that make it safe for our customers to follow their path.

Fire and rescue services

Our professional fire brigade specializing in industrial needs is always ready for an emergency. It is capable of responding to rapidly changing security needs at all stages of the industrial production life cycle. Our unique expertise in the field of fire and rescue extends from the beginning of industrial production to its end. We don’t know the obstacles, we only see solutions.

Guarding services

As demand increases, our guarding services have developed to meet the needs of industry in particular, and our strength is being a multi-skilled security services provider. We can implement wide packages from emergency response center services to accurate and tailored information points. We are committed to providing great customer service. Our guarding services range from comprehensive on-site security to personalized front desk assistance. Our services are always tailored to customer needs and based on respecting individuality and answering the accurate demand for human resources.

Security management

Safe and responsible operating environment enables the success of the business. We are helping our clients to build it. It also helps the company to succeed in the creation of the organization’s image. Our customers get access to the latest industry insights and new perspectives, enabling them to respond to constantly changing security needs in the environment. Because of the big scale of our activities, we have developed our operations in a way that we can respond individually and efficiently to customer’s diversified requirements.

Training courses related to security

We want to share our knowledge. We train our clients’ personnel to support their industry’s security with the help of our skilled trainers. We always provide the latest information on safety and fire and rescue topics. We also use modern technology in our training courses.

Security consulting

We are happy to share what we know. We consult companies to act in a way that promotes their safety. We always support our customers. We help companies and organizations of all sizes. We will take care of you.

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