Real estate and infrastructure services

Our real estate and infrastructure services cover, among other things, property management, construction services as well as networks and commodities, such as various types of water and compressed air, provided to Kokkola Industrial Park companies.

Property management

We are responsible for the maintenance and servicing of the common infrastructure in Kokkola Industrial Park. We are responsible for road networks in the area and the maintenance of lawns and forests. If necessary, we will build new premises.

Free business premises

In cooperation with KIP Infra, we manage several properties located in Kokkola Industrial Park.

Construction services

We offer developer and building supervision services for projects of different sizes. In particular, we assist developers in the initial stages of design planning, focusing especially on infrastructure and safety aspects.

Networks and commodites

We supply four different types of water (seawater, surface water, drinking water, and deionized water) to production plants in Kokkola Industrial Park. Our waterworks is the largest industrial waterworks in Finland. We also distribute compressed air in Kokkola Industrial Park.

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