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Kip Service Oy

Our office is located in Keltainen Talo (Yellow House):

Paristotie 15
67900 Kokkola

010 505 9520

Our e-mail addresses are in the following format:

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003721291126 (Maventa) 

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If you are unable to send e-invoices, please, send the invoice via e-mail to the following address: 


Olli-Pekka Airiola, toimitusjohtaja, Kip Service

Managing Director

Olli-Matti Airiola

010 505 9520

Jussi Lång, turvallisuuspäällikkö, Kip Service

Safety Manager

Jussi Lång

010 505 9525

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Virve Heikkinen, Ympäristöpäällikkö, Kip Service

Environmental Manager

Virve Heikkinen

010 505 9521

Johanna Hylkilä, markkinointipäällikkö, Kip Service

Marketing Manager

Johanna Hylkilä

010 505 9526

Jonas Sandlin, koulutuspäällikkö, Kip Service

Education Manager

Jonas Sandlin

010 505 9543

Matthieu Guinard Kip Service

HRD specialist

Matthieu Guinard

010 505 9501

Kennet Särs, Kip Service

Maintenance Coordinator

Kennet Särs

010 505 9522

Petri Passoja, vesilaitospäällikkö, Kip Service

Waterworks Manager

Petri Passoja

010 505 9531

Ilkka Hohenthal, Kip Service

Waterworks Employee

Ilkka Hohenthal

010 505 9530 (valvomo)

Mika Karvonen Kip Service

Waterworks Employee

Mika Karvonen

010 505 9530 (valvomo)

Pertti Viitasaari, Kip Service

Waterworks Employee

Pertti Viitasaari

010 505 9530 (valvomo)

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